now for something completely random.

I had some free time last night so I started stalking my own Facebook page. Who knew it had been around for so long?! It was like unlocking a treasure trove of vintage gems.

Like this Random List of 25 Things About Me that I have taken the liberty of copying and pasting for you here. You’re welcome!

  1. I love to sing in the car at the top of my lungs and I never care if someone’s watching. I’m just thankful they can’t hear me. Actually, they’re probably more thankful than I am.
  2. At least once a day when I see my daughter I am amazed that we created a human. Billions of people have been born and I still think it is so fascinating!
  3. Speaking of Olivia, I didn’t know just how much love was inside of me until she
    came along. It is a little OTT, people.

I am physically unable to walk on the right side of people. It makes me completely uncomfortable from head to toe and I have to correct it as quickly as possible (as in, move to the left). Most of the people in my life are aware of this random neurosis and are (mostly) very patient with me.
  5. I went to kindergarten with my husband. We weren’t going steady at the time, though. We didn’t officially start dating until I was 17, and we’ve been happily together ever since. We just celebrated 20 years together. Oh great, now you know how old I am.
  6. My very favorite types of movies are psychological thrillers. The scarier the better, but I will never, ever watch a scary movie alone.
  7. My husband puts toothpaste on my toothbrush every single day and I think it is a wonderful little treasure every single time. It still surprises me.

I have big, huge love for my job. I have worked at the same company for over 12 years and I truly love what I do. I swear I am not just adding this one because my boss and our CEO are on Facebook.

 (updated: neither one of them read my blog)
  9. I have really long fingers. That is just about the only thing that Olivia got from me.
  10. Also, I have the most crazy hitchhiker’s thumb EVER. Seriously, LOOK at this thing! I think it might scare small children. Except Olivia, she’s used to it by now.
  11. I am legally blind. I ask my eye doctor every year if perhaps they’ve changed
    the guidelines that set this “rule” but alas, it never changes. I’m very grateful for corrective lenses.
  12. My three biggest fears are going blind, public speaking, and sharks, but this is SO yesterday’s news.
  13. I say “I love you” to my loved ones every single time we hang up the phone,
    no matter what. Always.
  14. The feeling of taking a very, very deep breath makes me so happy and I forget to do it all. the. time.
  15. I am easily amused, easily fooled, extremely gullible, never stay mad, and I have never ever held a grudge in my life. Sometimes these traits have burned me, but it is always worth it.
  16. My mom and I are very close and talk on the phone approximately 365 times
    a year. Sometimes more on a Leap Year.
  17. I am a consummate peace-keeper and it drives me absolutely crazy to have any ripples. I can’t eat, can’t sleep, can’t concentrate, until it’s all straightened out again.
  18. I can recite Paul Revere from the Beastie Boys very quickly and will always oblige when asked. But I think you probably knew this already.
  19. I can’t swim without a nose clip. Yes, I did a full IronMan with a nose clip (but only for the swim. It would have been REALLY silly to keep it on for the bike and run).
  20. I love sending unexpected surprises in the mail to people. Several years ago when everyone went the way of “Happy Birthday!” on Facebook, my New Year’s Resolution was to send REAL birthday cards – with an actual stamp – in the mail. It’s the only resolution I have every kept.
  21. I am very sensitive, all sap, and mostly a big dork. And I really don’t care who knows it. Um, obviously.
  22. I have a brother who is a paramedic firefighter and I think that is so cool. I
    am very proud of him. I also feel very comfortable taking huge bites of food in his presence because really, the guy knows his way around the Heimlich Maneuver.
  23. I came in secund place at the City Spelling Bee when I was in the 8th grade.
    I went out on “exhortation.” Curse that silent “h”! And yes, I deliberately misspelled ‘second’ just to see if you were paying attention.
  24. I love to travel and have made it to a few corners of the globe so far. I wonder why they say ‘corners’ when the earth is round? Anyway, we are getting Olivia out to see the world with us, too. My very favorite thing about travel is seeing how other people live, and to know there are so many, many wonderful and wildly different ways of doing things. Oh, and the food. And the wine.
  25. Every single night, no matter where I am, when my head hits the pillow, I say,
    “Thank you for this life.”
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