a day in the life of a ferry boat.

Well, technically it’s only a 35-minute crossing from one side of Puget Sound to the other, but the ferry boat just sort of does the same thing, back and forth. back and forth. So I feel pretty safe in assuming that the 35-minute timeframe is a fairly accurate snapshot of her whole day.

I am fortunate to be able to work from home most days, with my personal hygiene being the only thing that suffers from the arrangement, but I do go into my Seattle office once a week. It’s a great chance to shower see my fellow colleagues.

Usually I just drive on, sit in my car, open my computer and telecommute my way through some deadlines.

But yesterday, it dawned on me that maybe the ferry boat deserves a closer look.

Who am I to say? She could be just sitting there, suffering in silence, hoping that someday, someone will come along and pay attention.

Well, ferry boat. Today is your day. Let’s all take a look, shall we?

First of all, here is ferry boat looking her best. Which obviously means I did not take this picture:

As I looked around, trying to see this hard-working, sturdy vessel with fresh eyes, I started to notice that ferry boat seems a bit, well, bossy. And not in a fun-loving-Tony-Danza-Who’s-The-Boss kind of way.

More of a don’t-mess-with-me-if-you-know-what’s-good-for-you kind of bossy.

A little off-putting there, ferry boat. Just sayin’.

Case in point:

Come on, ferry boat. Manners? Hello? It’s just one simple word, and they don’t call it “magic” for nothing. All I’m saying is that it goes a long way.

To be fair, I could see why ferry boat might be harboring some bitterness. After all, here’s what she has to look at, day-in, day-out:

Sure, this view is easy on the eyes, but it could also mean life-long torment if the only thing that would make a girl feel truly complete is a ferris wheel ride. Don’t cry, ferry boat. Those things really aren’t that safe anyway.

Speaking of safety, what the ferry boat lacks in people skills, she more than makes up for in emergency preparedness:

A water hose AND a fire extinguisher? Hello, that’s not a redundancy you’ll hear me complain about.

To her credit, it did seem like this one time ferry boat was really trying to be friendly:

I kinda sensed a little bit of teeth clenching go on, though. What with the all-caps block lettering and all.

When I spotted this assortment of snacks, I snapped a quick picture and kept on walking.

What I wanted to do was say a few gentle words about the damaging affects of high fructose corn syrup and partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, but clearly ferry boat is an emotional eater and it’s not really my place to make her feel any worse about herself.

Oh ferry boat, I don’t want to paint an ALL bad picture of your day. In addition to being a very useful mode of transportation, you’re clearly doing your part for the environment, and that should be commended. Good job, ferry boat.

Also, it sure is cute the way ferry boat tries her level best to keep up with the 21st century.

The fact that the available wi-fi system works a solid 50% of the time (provided there are no high winds or seagulls in the area) is really something to be proud of.

But you know what, ferry boat? Just be yourself. You don’t have to try to impress anyone with your high-tech mumbo jumbo. Just stick to the classics, they work for you. And by classics I am obviously referring to your TOTALLY AWESOME PAC-MAN MACHINE!

That little piece of nostalgic gold is worth its weight in a thousand dropped Boingo connections. Well played, ferry boat. Well played.

Well, there you have it folks. A day in the life of a Washington State Ferry boat. It was quite a ride. We laughed, we cried. We felt a little bit funny in the tummy. Good times were had by all.

What’s your favorite mode of transportation? I’d love to hear from you!

15 thoughts on “a day in the life of a ferry boat.

  1. My favorite mode of transportation, hmmm, let me think. Poor little ferry boat. Think how she feels when she see all those pictures of her the kids color with crayons, she must feel honored in a way. What are those “Salsita” things in the snack machine? Can you grab some next time, I want to try them, love.

  2. I am bias here. Ferry is my absolute favorite way to travel. We sometimes go to Port Townsend just so we can cross. And I love taking photos on it. In fact we are going tomorrow. Stay tuned. I promise I will brush my teeth for the ferry boat and all!

    • I really should have mentioned that I LOVE the ferry too but when I started to notice all the signs everywhere I couldn’t help myself! 🙂 Yay for teeth brushing! We are from Port ANGELES but everyone thinks we are from the much cooler Port TOWNSEND. 🙂

  3. I really enjoyed this Melisa! I love boats but never had an excuse to spend a lot of time on a Ferry (but the high speed one from Cape Cod to Martha’s Vineyard is awesome!). I also really like trains. Except when I accidentally sit in the “quiet” car and then get in trouble for making too much noise.

  4. The Galveston Bay ferry is a garbage barge compared to yours. We don’t even get out of our cars. We kinda hope the carbon monoxide will kill us before the trip is over.

    • HAHA! I’m not laughing AT you, I’m laughing WITH you. Don’t let the tongue in cheek nature of this post lead you to believe that I’m not thankful for our ferry system! The wi-fi, though. Not so much.

  5. My lame ferry story:
    So when my sis 1st moved to WA she was 2 ferry rides from downtown, where her job was. And the 1st ferry was not reliable. But she also didn’t call them ferrys, just boats. So she complained, plus they had other landlord issues (moved, sight unseen, place was nice enough, but the landlord was irrational on a good day) And they moved to Bainbridge. One boat ride away.
    And I’m from “the heartland”….”the midwest”….we have “lakes” that are really just large ponds. There is a river…the Missouri..oh and the Platte River which isnt more than a bunch if sand and a bit of flowing water…..so these “boat” rides to work I was picturing…..a boat. Not a ferry. Not that I really even knew what a ferry looked like…
    Before her move to Bainbridge though I had this terrifying nightmare about her unreliable 1st boat to work. In it she was being picked up at 6am, by a speedboat by these 2 creechy guys and she said to me “see unreliable” as she’s climbing on from the dock. And one guy got mad at her and knocked her in the water. I woke up sweating & scared for her life. So I called her the next day, completely worried about her and these boat rides. She assured me all was fine and shortly after they moved to Bainbridge.

    So..fastforward a few months later and I go out to visit. I was jaw dropped, cant move, kinda scared to board the “boat” because there are cars…lots of them…driving right on to the boat! Its gonna sink. How big is it? How many cars & people? This is not a BOAT!!! And then…I remember the Greys Anatomy episode with the ferry crashing at the dock and pylons falling and I know we are going to die on the ferry and I wont have a hot doctor to save my life….it was a scary yet beautiful ride to my sis’s island. And I’m sure the ferry would be wayyyy offended that she was referred to as “a boat”.

    • Are you kidding me?! That was not a lame story AT ALL!! Most awesome comment ever!!!! I am laughing, I’m sorry. It’s a funny visual. Is this MY Renee here on Bainbridge Island?? I’m sorry, I don’t recognize your email address. Fill me in! And thanks for stopping by!

      • Nope, we don’t know each other. I started following you after slimkatie mentioned your blog. But I’m not her Renee either. 🙂

      • no. They just moved to VA…cross country. Her husband is in the military. They were only there for 3 years and I think most of her friends were work friends from the city.She had a few island friends too. I sent her your blog to read & reminisce about living there. So she may be reading this (say hi sis!) They moved in April to VA & just had a baby last year…so if you saw a cute blonde pregnant girl last summer…or cute blonde mommy with baby through the winter & spring, it could have been her. Lol how many residents are on the island? It seemed like such a small town when I visited.

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