gratituesday – part 7.

Because there’s always something to be grateful for. And also, it’s Tuesday.

Here, I’ll get us started:

I am grateful that I not only love the day job I have that feeds my belly, but I also have the opportunity and honor to do volunteer work that feeds my soul.

Like the new logo I was asked to design for our sweet little church:

I realize that church isn’t for everyone, but this place sure is for me and my family.

This little church is the real deal.

If we were going to expose Olivia to organized religion, it was absolutely going to be in an open and accepting environment that has love, kindness and respect for others as its top priorities.

We needed to be welcomed into a place of worship that accepts everyone, regardless of where they are in life and who they choose to love and be with.

Our pastor, Dee, is a prominent supporter of marriage equality and she puts her money where her mouth is. She hits the streets with her message, and takes our enthusiastic congregation with her.

This church isn’t trying to be hip and cool with its views on same-sex marriage just to gain a few more followers on Facebook.

It is modest in its message and steadfast in its actions. And I am really grateful to be a part of it.

I am also grateful for this cookie I had today:

I had lunch last week with a friend at the bakery that makes these little gems. They are lavender sugar cookies and I can now confirm that they are awesome.

The funny thing is, I told my friend that I really wanted one but didn’t need it after our big lunch. And then? A week later, John brings this home for me. Just because. And he had no idea I had even been jonesing for one the whole time. He just knows that I love anything lavender, and had a hunch I’d enjoy it.

This is what 20 years will do to you, my friends. It is a beautiful thing.

And? My boobs and I are super grateful to be done with our run for the day. Sure, it might seem a little weird to you that I’m referring to my boobs as my new side-kick, but if you read yesterday’s post, it will make sense.

And if you didn’t? Well, I can just be a little weird and I’m perfectly fine with that.

It was so stinkin’ hot out there. Every single person I passed asked/commented, “Isn’t it too hot to be running?” For which I replied, “Yep. It sure is.”

But, I had a run scheduled and dammit, I’m going to do this. Or else I’m gonna have to change my blog tagline because “confessions of a recovering procrastinator” will no longer cut it.

Last but not least, I am truly grateful that I faced my fears tonight and lived to tell about it.

And I promise to tell you about it. First thing tomorrow.

What are you grateful for? A new toothbrush? Nailing a project at work? Your baby’s first smile? I’d love to hear from you!

16 thoughts on “gratituesday – part 7.

  1. There’s another Lavender treat just waiting my dear. And no it isn’t the infused Vodka again, although that does sound kind of good. Always grateful for my family and that my hip felt great on this mornings 8-miler. And now that I think of it, that Olivia wakes up with a smile on her face virtually every morning.

  2. I am grateful for this little girl kickin’ away in my belly. I am grateful that my toddler now tells me when she has a poo poo. I am grateful that my desk faces the windows to the beautiful oak and cypress trees. I am grateful that my desk was my Papa’s for 50 years, he is with me always.
    I am grateful Melisa hear keeps my soul in check with chatter abt her boobs, equal rights, and cookies 🙂

  3. And if Oprah and Dr. Oz can discuss poop…let me say that I am so grateful that my colon test is now behind me (pun intended) and I’m good to go (they just keep on coming) for 5 years!!

  4. Oh, and I am very grateful that both my kids treat everyone the same and see nothing wrong if we aren’t all the same. Just how boring would that be anyway?!

  5. Thanks for the compliments about our church! I am grateful for Eagle Harbor Church every day, not just as a great workplace, but as a community of loving, generous, good-humored people I love spending time with.

    If you look at our spanky new blog button on the sparkly new website–thanks for your part in the re-design!!–you will see that I advertised your blog there. Hope you will do a “guest blog” for us sometime (is that what you call it?).

  6. I am grateful for so many things that I would have to write a post here about the just on the comment form. I am very thankful for my church, too. It isn’t small, but it feels right.

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