my brassiere.

I’m talking about my boobs for a good cause!

For every comment that this post receives (up to 200) by midnight (PST) Friday, July 13th, I will donate a dollar to breast cancer research.

This post is for my mom who just finished breast cancer treatment; for Fatima who is one year post-treatment; and for Melissa who is in the middle of her battle. All of these ladies have – and are – kicking cancer square in the face.

Go, girls.

I am also linking this post up to YeahWrite – a great “supportive” place for bloggers who write and writers who blog.

Last but not least, this post is set to the best Beastie Boys song of all time, Paul Revere. If you’re not familiar with it, you may want to take 3 minutes to listen to it here.

All set? Let’s do this:

“My Brassiere”

 Now here’s a little story I’ve got to tell
About two big ladies I know so well

 It started way back in my pre-teens
When my flat little chest had nothing in between

 I started to get curious about a “brassiere”
I could tell by how my shirts fit that the time was drawing near

 Riding to the store, sitting shyly by my mother
I’d give this thing a try if she wouldn’t tell my brother

 Two little boobies I see
I was hoping for some A cups but they sized up as a B

 The store clerk was a measurin’ all the way around
I was workin’ up a scream, but couldn’t make a sound

 She saw I was so nervous, feeling terrified
She said, “We’re done here, sweetie” and I could’ve just cried

 Fast-forward a few years, how the time has flown
My little pre-teen boobies, how they’ve grown and grown!

 Those tiny little B cups are now buxom double Ds
I keep them well supported or they’ll end up at my knees

 I wear one when I run
Sometimes two (but just for fun)

 Support is key here, girls, I even wear one to bed
All this talk of my big boobies might make your face turn a bit red

 But I’ll tell you this right now, and this is no ha-ha
You’ve got to be good to your girls – they are your precious ta-tas

 As for my two ladies, I support them all the time
Trust me, going braless would surely be a crime

 And every month I feel them up to check that all is clear
The “C” word is no joke and one I don’t wanna hear

 Now my drawers are overflowing with shades of black, pink and blue
I have so many brassieres, I don’t know what to do

 But you can never have enough of these fine boulder holders
God knows I’ll need support as these two aging breasts grow older

 You really can’t describe the power of these things
I’d trade my every diamond, all my golden rings

 If I could just have one, I’d go for fancy and be done
Live life to the fullest and let your ladies have some fun

126 thoughts on “my brassiere.

  1. Love this post. I have big ta tas too and support is key! I do the double up for jogging. My only negative about my big ones, the stares. Guys! Stop it!

  2. Hey sis, not crazy about reading so much about your boobies but love the cause and so proud of what you are doing and the support you’re raising!!! And you are so creative and I couldn’t be more proud of how amazingly talented you are. I love you, Rob

    • Ha ha! Thanks, bro!! I really appreciate you checking out my BLOG – sorry about all the BOOB talk!! 🙂 If you want to wash this clear in your mind, go to the home page (now for something completely random) – you make the list, bro! And totally not in an awkward way. 🙂 Love you!

    • Hi Cindy! Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and for your very kind words! I’ve heard so many wonderful things about YOU too – and I have to agree with you on my mom! 🙂 Have a great weekend.

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