a slice of americana in small town, u.s.a.

I love Independence Day for all of its patriotism and bright colors, but it’s especially fun when you can experience it in a small town or community.

There’s just something about being in a place where kids can run barefoot* and free in the streets, close enough to keep their parents at ease, but far enough away to enjoy some independence of their own. Where folks still wave to each other, and still use the word “folks”.

*Disclaimer: well, not OUR kid, but surely some kids were barefoot. In the streets.
You know, with nothing between them and 10 billion friendly germs. Must. Move. On.

We grew up in a small town where this was our reality, and within the last year, we’ve relocated to one that allows us these same simple pleasures.

Mother Nature finally did our little corner of the Pacific Northwest a solid and granted us
a full day of blissful sunshine yesterday to celebrate our nation’s birthday.

I took a few pictures for you. Enjoy!

There’s really nothing better than enjoying days like this through the eyes of a child. Even a really sleepy child who may or may not have a cold coming on, as evidenced by the flushed cheeks and droopy eyelids. I’ll tell you what, though. When there’s fun to be had, this kid can rally. Hard.

The camera and I sort of can’t get enough of her precious mug. Much to her dismay.
Sorry, kid. This won’t be the last time your mama drives you crazy.

It’s the simple pleasures in life, don’t you think? Like getting to be the one to take the pictures instead of sit on a well-used square of felt and plunge my body down a huge piece of questionable plastic.

It’s a time to have fun, but it’s also a time to recognize the sacrifices that have been made for us, and to remember those who are no longer here.

And also to be really grateful we don’t have to be the ones spending the day in those woolen kilts.

It’s a time to acknowledge that the true fabric of our nation comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and species. I mean, nothing says patriotic like giant slices of bread and a toaster van. Who’s with me?

It’s a time to be proud of who we are, and accept everyone else for who THEY are. Let’s face it, my friends. It is always time for LOVE.

It’s a time to drive your family crazy, stopping to take a picture of every red, white, and blue thing you see. And then it turns into the time to say “I told you so” when they see how awesome this photo collage turned out.

It’s a time to cheer for your team – whichever team you may be on – and look around at all of us waving the same flag.

And at the end of the day, it’s time to celebrate and re-hydrate. Cheers, America!
Gooooo team!

Did you watch the fireworks? I’d love to hear from you!

13 thoughts on “a slice of americana in small town, u.s.a.

  1. Love your photo collages! Oh and yes the 2 little girls standing next to me were barefoot in the street grabbing all the candy thrown to wee girl , a pre arranged agreement that they were more than happy to help us with. I love the Grand Old Fourth even though I’m Canadian. Thanks for capturing it so well – oh and I am totally with you that “European Super Slide ” was questionable at best.

  2. Big Daddy and I were big city kids, so this small town Mayberry stuff is super fun for us. We’re so excited our kids can experience this. And it’s nice to let them run free while we park our butts in the beer garden and not worry about who might snatch them up.

    We watched fireworks with friends from their backyard. Super fun! Happy Birthday, America!

  3. at Summit Lake, they put on a serious show. It is fun had by all, but I digress, I really love a book and my feet up in bed. Sorta boring, but I do love my friends – who are there having fun. now, we are in portland watching child #3 play (terrible) baseball. The weather is fine though and I have ONE child. Serious shocker! xoxo

  4. You clearly love Bainbridge and I can totally see why. It is beautiful and the “small town” community feeling exudes from your pictures. We heard the fireworks who kept EM up to a nice 9:30pm! It was a fun day outdoor fun with the splashing babies 🙂

  5. Thanks for the big hug during the parade and for including the photo of our little church steeple supporting marriage equality – we marchers had a terrific time and got lots and lots of warm support throughout the parade route. I’m proud of our little town.

    Jim Macpherson, Eagle Harbor Congregational Church

  6. I just wandered over from Runs for Cookies and I had to comment here – I’m moving back to my little hometown next spring, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. I love small towns so much and I’m really looking forward to actually living there and getting involved in the community as an adult (we left when I was 7!). I love your photos here.

    As for fireworks, I spent all night on the couch snuggling a very spooked puppy. 😉

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