that’s (patriotically) pinteresting, volume 3: american flag pancakes.

If you’d like to get caught up on this little game we’re playing, you can read volume one and volume two.

In the spirit of our nation’s birthday, I bring you volume 3: american flag pancakes!

At the risk of being reported to CPS for breaking child labor laws, I’ll tell you right now that my mini person did this little experiment start-to-finish.

I think you’ll agree this one fell in the kid-friendly camp, though. Settle down.

I found the inspiration for this fun Fourth of July breakfast here.

Isn’t it cute? And the best part of all is that it also looked pretty easy. I think even I could have managed to not screw it up, but to hedge my bets on it turning out half-decent, I put it in the hands of the 5-year-old. Much safer.

In the spirit of full disclosure, we did alter the ingredients just a tad. Instead of toast, we used a pancake (points for whole grain). And we went sans cream cheese since the little is not a big fan.

Here is the serious chef, hard at work:

She requested that the Pinterest picture on my computer be set up near her work station. Kid doesn’t mess around.

Close up! Action shot! Look at that impressive precision. Watch out, Iron Chef.

Here’s the finished product. With a side of bed head:

I think Betsy Ross would be proud, don’t you?

6 thoughts on “that’s (patriotically) pinteresting, volume 3: american flag pancakes.

  1. That is the cutest idea ever! I wish my mom had done stuff like that with me when I was little. Happy 4th, even though this comment is late 🙂

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