gratituesday – part 6.

Because there’s always something to be grateful for. And also, it’s Tuesday.

Here, I’ll get us started:

At the risk of sounding like the most hopeless sap ever (I am, and I’m totally fine with it)
I am so grateful for my amazing husband. And not just because he does a laundry list of things (including the laundry) for us everyday, and loves us in huge ways, but because he does things like this:

Seriously? Is this guy for real? Men, take note: if you want to impress the ladies, learn how to braid. Bonus points for matching the hair bands to the outfit.

And not to be outdone by the mad skills of her dad, I sure am grateful to have my very own personal in-house stylist that goes by “Olivia”:

(All the paparazzi has made her a little camera shy).

In keeping with the personal grooming theme, I am really grateful for this multi-generational mani/pedi session we had on Saturday. Aren’t my people cute?*

*Disclaimer: yes, I am aware that we have a 5-year-old who is getting far too comfortable with salt scrubs and hand massages. Meh, life is short. Let’s (foot)soak it in.

Last but not least, I am really grateful for new friends like Katie at Runs For Cookies who inspire us each day to be better. Push a bit harder. And eat one dessert, instead of three.

This woman is nothing short of amazing.

Last week, she mentioned my wee li’l blog as something she’s been enjoying lately, can you believe it?! I’ll tell you one thing: this newbie felt like a total rock star for 24 solid hours.

In conclusion, I have “Tell you all about the run I FINALLY did today” on the top of my to-do list. For tomorrow.

What are you feeling grateful for? Air conditioning? New shoes? Great friends? I’d love to hear from you!

27 thoughts on “gratituesday – part 6.

  1. Love Gratuesey, Grati Gras, um Gratuesday? I love it, tomatoh/tomahtoe! Michael also shares John’s laundry gene, thank goodness says the tired pregnant lady. I’m also grateful for my mother-in-law who is having me and Lulu over for bbq tomorrow night bc she knows we will be alone. Hubs is a nurse who works past 8pm regularly. Even more grateful for my mad baking skills being put to the test tom for the mini-4th celebration between nap time tomorrow! Peach/Blackberry Crumble with Pecan streusel and Old Fashioned Potato Pie!

    • That made me hungry too! I LOVE peaches and pecans are great. Don’t think I’ve ever had potato pie (don’t laugh, someone had not tasted a radish until she was an adult) so I’d also like to see that recipe (please send it to Miss so John/son can make it for us – yes, I take advantage of him too). Hope you have a fun 4th!! xoxo

  2. I’m grateful that Olivia was a total kid today and had mud all over her shoes, pants and shirt smeared with dirt, a soaking wet jacket and was wearing a big smile while riding her bike when I picked her up from camp today. Awesome. I guess I need to get on that laundry. And Wow, Julie those recipes sound so southern and yummy. Along with the recipes if you can figure it out feel free to send a couple slices too.

  3. Omgoodness Missy I LOVE your blog!! I’ve noticed the updates on FB for a little while however I’m great at procrastination and kept saying I’ll check it out tomorrow. Finally did tonight and so glad I did!! The photo of the inspiring woman and run for cookies caught my eye! You rock and so does she! A friend motivated me to make a goal to run a marithon for my 40th birthday, I feel the best gift I can give myself is better heath. I created a training plan last August on how to get there since I’m beyond out of shape. Plus I figured with a little over 2 1/2 years before that dreadful day comes (not so sure yet it’s going to be that bad to turn 40 since I’m not a huge age worrier- other than trying to convince my kids to quit growing) I’d have time to make it possible with training and conditioning. Well again procrastination took over and I’ve not started my “training” yet, I was considering bagging it all together. Your blog tonight gave me that kind of HUGE inspiration that I think may actually get me to quit this insanity and start my plan. We decided early tonight (before reading your blog) that we will move things around in our house this weekend. Steve & I are moving our master bedroom into the larger family room downstairs. Currently our treadmill is residing in the family room collecting dust. Instead of moving it back into the garage because it won’t fit in the room we are turning into the family room I’m going to keep it in our “new” bedroom and start my training as soon as the move is done!!!

    Also kudos to John!! It is rare to find a man who will do all those lovely things he does, especially laundry!! I’m lucky as well that Steve takes on that chore in our house!!!

    Thanks for your inspiration, I plan to make reading your blog a regular occurance.

    Hope to see you and John at the reunion.

  4. I am so grateful that you can drive a few short hours – through the rain and clouds, no less – and get to a beautiful, sunny, sandy beach where your two-year olds can fly kites for the first time. Amazing. Makes the stupid traffic worth it.

  5. I’m grateful that the sun is shining, I have the day off and Misile is such a good reason for me to get off my lazy butt and get moving! Somehow lost my motivation this past few days but I’m determined to not let myself gain back what I have worked so dang hard to lose!!! Ok, I’m on it…here I go… xoxo Mom

  6. I have one of those fantastic husbands, too. He made the bouquets for our 10th anniversary vow renewal. Just sayin’, OMG, how amazingly cool is it that your blog was mentioned on your idol’s blog?! You’re a ROCK STAR, Ms. Melisa! I’m grateful we’ve become friends. Muah.

  7. Im grateful Katie mentioned your blog too. Its my go to need a laugh*

    *Disclaimer…im not laughing at you, just the things you right about, like all of your disclaimers.

      • No. I dont “know” Katie at all. Just love her blog. The name is a coincidence. But i think I’d be friends with her if I knew her. (Is it creepy stalkerish to say that?)

        And not to continue the creepy stalkerish trend, but I LOVE Bainbridge Island. Love, love, love it. My sis just moved from there after living there for 3 years. I loved visiting her and my mouth is now watering thinking about the little diner on the main drag kind of near the grocery store that serves green (pesto) eggs and ham. I kinda hate my sister for moving, i loved it so much! Lol

      • That must be the Streamliner Diner! We will have to go try those (embarrassed to say we haven’t yet!) – and no, nothing you said seems stalkerish to me! 🙂

    • Oh no worries, Katie! I can only imagine, busy girl! OK, we just got home from a weekend of camping and eating and drinking and I am SO motivated to start back up with SparkPeople! Holy wow this is out of control….

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