taking a run down marathon lane – #6: THE PR EDITION!!!

I should clarify that by “PR” I mean Personal Record, not Press Release, although I was sort of tempted to submit my race results to a local newspaper. Maybe one that’s main readership is turtles*. And my mom.

You know, the two groups that would be most impressed by my running skills.

*Disclaimer: Yes, I know that turtles don’t read. It’s called a “metaphor,” people.

Anyway, I digress. If you’re new to all my running nonsense, you can find out more about my goal here.

If you’d like to get caught up, here are the recaps for marathons 1234 and 5.

Take your time, we’ll wait. No rush.

Ready? OK, here’s my 6th marathon report:

February 19, 2006
Austin Marathon
Austin, Texas

This was a significant race for me for several reasons.

For one thing, it was the month before we decided to start trying for a baby and I knew it would be my last marathon for quite awhile. I realize there are many hardcore women who run up to the day they give birth and finish marathons the day after.

I am not one of them.

It was also significant because (caution: this might not be the last time I mention this) I PR’ed, BABY!! What a fun feeling, even if you aren’t out to set any records. (um, hello, major understatement). I run to FINISH, not for a time goal. EVER. But still, it’s motivating to see yourself improve and get stronger.

Lucky for all of you folks, it was also significant because I actually HAVE A COUPLE OF RACE DAY PICTURES! They are a rare find. I’m not very photogenic on most days, and even less so after running for over four hours. Trust me, it’s not cute.

I’ll share the few gems I have with you later, but let me just tell you now that one of the MOST significant things about this race was the CRAZY WEATHER.

What? That sounds lame, you say? Trust me, it played a leading role in the day.

I took the liberty of searching the interweb to find a visual on just what we were facing in the weather department that day:

Oh, Mother Nature! You and your HILARIOUS sense of humor! She’s a barrel of laughs, isn’t she? Look at how she decided to dole out almost the coldest day in AUSTIN’S ENTIRE HISTORY right smack on race day. It was such a riot!*

*Disclaimer: this is called “sarcasm.” It was brutally cold and not funny one. single. bit.

BUT, the good news is that it was nothing if not motivating. I felt like I was constantly trying to stay one step ahead of frostbite and/or losing a toe or 10 from the frigid conditions, so I think it made me a faster runner. It’s my theory and I’m sticking to it. Don’t burst my bubble, people.

Here are those pictures I promised. You’ve been warned:

Here I am waiting to start. I like to pretend I am catching snowflakes on my tongue, instead of screaming from the cold.

Now, you should know that my awesome husband is always a huge supporter of my races (even going so far as to sign up to be my co-crazy in this little goal I’ve come up with) but on the day of my Austin marathon? He raised his support to new heights.

In addition to wearing my own running clothes (which were not nearly enough) I also wore every layer of running gear that John brought for himself as well. Including his gloves, which turned out to be a lifesaver. Thanks, love.

And here’s the other photo from the day that I have:

I don’t think I’m actually in this picture anywhere, but it gives you a good overview of how freakin’ cold it was.

Weather aside, it was a really great event. (Did I mention I PR’ed? Yes? A few times already? By the way, I PR’ed).

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post where I answer your burning question, “Has Melisa been running AT ALL this week?”

In summary, the main item on my To-Do list for today is something that starts with R, ends with N and rhymes with “fun” but I’m not going to tell you what it is because I don’t want to break the suspense.

What’d you get up to this weekend? I’d love to hear from you!

9 thoughts on “taking a run down marathon lane – #6: THE PR EDITION!!!

  1. A personal best always feels good! And I too got a taste of the crazy Texas record freezes when I drove to Seattle from Fl in ’03. It was so cold, the interstate that I was traveling to take to Seattle was closed. Closed. As in, exit NOW. Good times. And is it the weekend already? We did baby pool time again with friends, I went to a Krewe of Nyx social (my Mardi Gras parade), and brunch with friends today. Now peace while the little sleeps 🙂

  2. So far i have read 4 books since June 1. I’d like to say they were intelligent, but they were trash. one was historical trash, does that count. the goal for july is about 6. it’s better than drinking, right 😉

  3. I volunteered at a half marathon back in February that was about the same temperature. It was brutal; I can’t imagine actually running in it. Nice PR, too 😀

  4. It’s fun to read about the runs you have done so far bc I don’t keep them all straight in my mind (I hardly keep anything in my mind anymore let alone organize the info!)…
    Well, this weekend I did something really fun – I visited you and your family!! (This is just in case you develop my poor memory). Mani’s and pedi’s and food, oh my…and Mexican train fun too. XOXO Mom

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