islandwood if I could.

When you live on a small island, you’re bound to find a myriad of quirky little wonders, and our island of Bainbridge is no exception.

I’ve heard about this place. I’ve read about it. I’ve seen pictures. But until today it remained to me like the rarely-seen Snuffleupagus.

A true mystery.

They call themselves “A School in The Woods.” In addition to all kinds of environmental education classes, seminars, and events, they also offer half-day Summer Camps for kids.

I’ll be honest. Coordinating camps like this into the summer schedule of a kid with two working parents is a tad daunting. It would be much more convenient to sign her up for something that runs 9 – 5, M – F and call it a day (literally, a day).

Instead, we decided that the benefits outweighed the hassle (we schlep her across the island to their camp, work until lunchtime, pick her back up, and take her to her little Montessori school camp, and pick her back up again at 5:00) and signed her up for a few of these this summer.

Here she is at drop-off, her first-day nerves showing through the smile she is certain she’s giving me. The camp let each child pick a stuffed “friend” out of a big bucket to be with them for the week.

This part was totally no big deal for two germaphobe parents. Nope. Not one bit. We were cool as cucumbers.

Here she is when we picked her up.

Poor thing, doesn’t she look miserable? I sure wish she had more fun. Total bust.

Oh, and you know that show “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader”? Yeah, we have a version of that around here, too. Just replace “5th Grader” with “5-Year-Old”.

I guessed “rhino”. The 5-year-old guessed “deer.” I’ll leave it for you to decide who’s smarter. (Hint: it isn’t me.)

One of the many reasons we moved to this small community is that they have just that – A COMMUNITY. It’s filled with people who take pride in where they live, and look out for their environment – and each other.

Alright, I’ll admit there’s a downside: when you try to make a quick dash to the grocery store in your pink polka-dot pajamas, there’s a good chance you’ll run into someone you know and will be forced to divert your eyes and feign a hearing loss, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take.

I love that Olivia has the chance to have experiences like this and we’re hopeful that when’s she’s grown, she will take pride in her community, too – wherever she may roam – and be an ambassador for this one precious planet we all get to share.*

*This concludes the public service announcement and crazy-run-on-sentence portion of this post.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Speaking of getting outdoors, I had a 3-mile run on the books, and my supportive (albeit speedy) hub agreed to join me. I don’t know if I was just “on my game” or trying to be a big show-off in front of this cute guy I know, but I was lightning fast (relatively speaking, you know, when compared to a turtle):

Alright, fine. It was a really flat course, too. Don’t burst my bubble. I haven’t seen the south side of 30 minutes for a 3-mile run since I don’t know when.

OK, OK, so I scared all the ducks away with my heaving breathing, and I was constantly on the look out for a place to throw up or pass out, or both, but still.

I’d say I brought my A-game.

We ran at the aptly-named “Battle Point Park”. Yeah, there were Battles alright. At more than one Point. (Someone stop me! I’m on fire!)

Which Muppet character is your favorite? I’d love to hear from you!

20 thoughts on “islandwood if I could.

  1. Animal is my favorite muppet character but Grover is my favorite Sesame Street star. Islandwood is AMAZING! Please go when they have the free open trails day. And definitely do the pumpkin carving in October. The summer camps are super fun. O is a lucky lady.

  2. And the first day jitters are definitely gone. She hoped right in to the group this morning. Yes she is lucky but then again I consider myself so lucky to have the two of you as well. Gotta side with the above, Animal for sure. Great job on the run by the way and trust me, some of the fun is taken away when you start counting the seconds/minutes in your time.

  3. Sounds like you found a cool camp, despite all the schlepping. I once had a 2-day conference/offsite up at Bainbridge Island and it was a pain in the ass trying to schedule the ferries.

    Your daughter is darling!

    Oh and I like Kermit the Frog best because he is just so darn genuine. 🙂


  4. I love how fun and sweet her camp looks! It is so hot right now that I feel guilty when I dress Lulu in shoes that require socks. It looks like O had a great day! I’m pumped for your running, you are really rocking it, girl!
    And for a fav Muppet character…oh, Kermie sweet Kermet 🙂
    And P.S. My Mom grew up as Missy too! And her name is Pat 😉

  5. I loved the little bear she picked too and that braveness warmed my heart! She is growing up so fast….sigh…. Love the next pic too. Can’t wait to see all of you Friday. XOXO Mom

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