refrigerator friends

You know that old children’s song about making new friends, but keeping the old? One is silver and the other is gold?

After a quick Google search, I found that there’s actually a second line to this little jingle:

A circle is round,
it has no end.
That’s how long,
I will be your friend.

Who knew?

This is totally how I feel about these two fabulous ladies that I get together with once a month for dinner.

Sometimes we pretend that we are Charlie’s Angels, but don’t tell anyone.

We’ve known each other for almost 30 years. Long before any of us discovered eyebrow waxing.

We started this monthly tradition last year and we’ve done some serious food damage and story telling ever since. Major love.

I think this photo is going to be the one that officially classifies me as a Food Blogger, don’t you?

Know what else I love? That we can send crazy texts to each other like this one on our way to dinner, and then have an epic FAIL in the process. And share big laughs about it when we get to the restaurant.

I’m sure we annoy the crap out of every poor patron within earshot, but it is crazy good fun. We’ve only missed our get-togethers one time EVER, but my dinner dates have forgiven me since it was the day I found out my amazing mom had breast cancer (she’s done with treatment and doing great, by the way).

We will all be heading to our 20th high school reunion together in a few weeks. As I get (ahem) older, I have a whole new perspective on what it means to be part of the “in” crowd and the value of true, authentic friendships.

At the risk of being one big cliché here, LIFE IS SHORT.

I don’t want to spend my precious time worrying about fitting in or wearing the right brand or having the perfect body. Or eyebrows.

I want to spend the time I have here with people who want to be with me, despite my character flaws and unwashed hair.

The Refrigerator Friends. You know, the ones that you feel comfortable enough with to just walk into their home, open their fridge, and help yourself.

Aaaaaand, somehow it always comes back to food.

In other news, here’s my run re-cap from yesterday:

Guess what? I totally bonked on this run. Speaking of food, I hadn’t eaten enough of it. Or drank nearly enough water. It makes a difference, guys. Let me tell you.

On the top of my to-do list: FOCUS ON WHAT I’M PUTTING IN MY BODY.

What’s up for your weekend? I’d love to hear from you!   

28 thoughts on “refrigerator friends

  1. As a refrigerator friend, I would like to mention that a) we have been walking into each other houses since before cell phones and, b) our pictures are usually snapped at the END of the meal so we are all a little chubbier and quite a bit relaxed from the wine – hence the crazy “try-to-pull-it-together” face. And, L – I have had no comment from any of my family. You might have doged a bullet on this one.

    • Can someone get me a spell check program for my birthday??? Dodged not doged. I swear I am smart. And a quick shout out to mama Pat – ask M what we have planned with you when we come back for the reunion…

      • Ha! I didn’t even notice. If you promise to not comment on the typos in my posts, I promise not to comment on the typos in your comments. Deal?

        Oh yeah, P.S. Mom – we totally plan to pre-funk and get drunk with you at your place before our reunion. You down?

      • P.P.S. I totally feel like this is one of those times, D, where you and I have a long thread of back-and-forth and sometime later today or tomorrow L will finally come to the party and have to go hide from her kids in the bathroom with her iPhone just to get caught up.

      • The brother and I aren’t actually on friendly terms right now after the whole father’s day debacle. He will come around and will probably make some comment about the text. I will keep you posted.

      • I need that too – can you get a two for one deal please.

  2. Ok, girls, yes on drinking with ol’ Mom. This blog catches me up – I did not know about the reunion or that M2 no longer has cable (ok, these are not related topics).
    D – It’s amazing to see how you have gone from cute as a button to pretty as a picture. L – and so amazing that you have not aged in all these years. Still pretty as ever but …isn’t it time to show your age a little? :0)
    Your dinner: Kudos to whoever ordered the brown rice. And I would be happy to take all your leftovers (I’ll get them from M next weekend – what? They’re gone?)
    On Life: M – remember the No Fear tee you got me? “It isn’t that life is so short, it’s just that we are dead for so long”….
    XOXO Mom

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