have kid, will travel: resort edition.

Who says you can’t have a relaxing weekend at a spa resort with your kid in tow?

Not this family!

We spent two fun nights at Alderbrook Resort* in the little waterfront town of Union, Washington.

*Disclaimer: I am not getting any freebies or kick-backs for this review. In fact, if anyone from the resort reads this review, they may actually charge ME for my poor journalism skills and amateur photography. Apologies in advance. 

Here are some of the highlights from our weekend:

When we arrived, we were surprised to learn that the resort is much more kid-friendly than they let on when John made the booking.

They offer a modest craft area on the 3rd floor, but the REAL highlight for the younger set is their interactive treasure hunt that takes you all over the property…

….and was a great way to keep the mini traveler entertained while the parental units grabbed a drink on the deck bar.*

*Disclaimer: mostly joking here.

Speaking of the deck bar, though, they really did make some yummy beverages for young and old alike.

The food was consistently good and photo-worthy (I never said the photographer would do it justice, though. In my defense, the red umbrella was casting a very photo-challenging pink glow over the food).

Although we did have a touch-and-go experience at breakfast. It was Father’s Day, so we wanted to start the day off with a special meal.

We were seated right away. But unfortunately, that was the only quick thing that happened.

Here’s how it played out:

9:30  – server takes our order. She is just the right amount of friendly. We’re off to a great start!

9:50 – Mom and Dad are on their 3rd cups of coffee and mini traveler is starting to squirm. But she’s a restaurant kid. She can deal. It’s Father’s Day, after all. They’re probably busy.

9:55 – server comes by to apologize for the wait. She is SURE the order is almost up.

10:00 – coffee, round four. Mom and Dad have the jitters and mini traveler has the squirmy-worms. But we’re tough. We’ll get through this together.

10:05 – server comes back with a nervous smile and a cup of Yoplait yogurt to hold the kid over. With a sheepish look she informs us that somehow our order never made it to the kitchen. But she assures us they are ON. IT.

10:15 – by this time, we are seriously thinking of just having them change our order to lunch.

10:20 – food finally arrives! And? It was delicious. And you know what else? They gave it to us for free.

Was it irritating to have to wait over 45 minutes for our breakfast order? Yes.

Were we tempted to walk out a few times? Maybe.

BUT, I am a firm believer that it is not the MISTAKES that people make, but how they FIX them that really matters. Our server could not have been more humble or gracious. It wasn’t her fault: a mistake happened and she fixed it.

Having put myself through college working retail with the public, good customer service is not something I will EVER take for granted. In an instant, you can have your clients leave feeling good or feeling bad, regardless of the situation.

Well played, Alderbrook Resort. Well played.

After breakfast we were thinking about doing this:

But it was SUPER windy!

While I’m sure that capsizing your boat is available at no extra charge, we decided to take a pass.

Instead, we walked around the property and took advantage of the great photo ops:

We headed to the pool to catch up on our favorite magazines.*

Disclaimer: by “we” I’m sure we all know by now who I’m referring to.

We found plenty of opportunities to pet unfamiliar (albeit friendly) animals with questionable personal hygiene:

The comfortable and welcoming décor makes you feel right at home. You know, just in case you start to miss your chickens:

Every afternoon provided Olivia a new opportunity to dream up “spa water” combinations for quenching her thirst when we get Back To Reality:

Even their fine-dining restaurant at dinner was very kid-friendly – offering the little ones not just crayons but WIKKI STICKS. Seriously, people. Who knew that wax-coated string could provide so much fun?

Speaking of dinner, the views were amazing:

If you’ve forgotten something, the gift shop has all the essentials:

Thank goodness for that, because I totally spaced on packing my giant stuffed shark:

They offer a gorgeous setting from your balcony, with enough privacy so my polka-dot pants didn’t feel shy about coming out:

And last but not least, did I mention the customer service? I was coveting admiring these tiny little bird paperweights that they use throughout the resort. I asked if I could possibly steal buy one, since they weren’t for sale, but would look GREAT with the cluster of other birds I’ve started collecting (I’m not talking about the chickens here, people).

Guess what? They totally gave me one. Just like that. No questions asked. Nothing asked for in return.

Just try telling me you’ve seen a cuter paperweight in the shape of a bird. Just try.

In summary, we had a really relaxing, enjoyable stay. They did many, many things right and made it a memorable weekend for us.

And I (hardly) looked at my to-do list once.

Do you collect anything? I’d love to hear from you!

P.S. I almost forgot to tell you about my run! I had a 7-miler scheduled and I DID IT. Yay! I have no idea how long it took me since the Garmin watch died at mile 2 (for the to-do list: charge watch) but I know that I finished, and I made it home in time for dinner.


11 thoughts on “have kid, will travel: resort edition.

      • No I’M sorry – both for the delay on my end and that I’m not yet enjoying my pops 😉 Perhaps we should grab them in the next few days before our trip! I remember you eating them in Italy and we could have the Pops travel to Hawaii, too!

      • YES, you’ve got to bring them to Hawaii!! Provided you like them, of course. Although I can’t imagine you won’t. Careful though, they’re addictive. When do you leave?

    • Thanks, Janet! Have the McD’s been? Also, I have to tell you that I’ve thought of you a time or two when I’ve been out training (50 marathons by age 50, have you heard?) – I think, “How can I get faster like Janet?!” True statement! I’m not just trying to get you to follow my blog! 🙂

    • What an honor to have one of my all-time fav bloggers comment here! Thanks, Katie!! I really try to keep this in mind whenever I’m in situations like this. I know how hard these people are working!!!

  1. Glad you all had a great time last weekend!
    Not sure where in Hawaii your friends are going but don’t forget if it’s Maui…Warren and Annabelle’s is a must go to…but only if you love magic, humor and fun!
    XOXO Mom

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