taking a run down marathon lane – #1.

I’ve been feeling just a tad nostalgic lately.

Maybe it’s because I’ve had to do deep breathing exercises and self-medicate just to work through the anxiety of seeing our little blonde lady grow up so fast.

Here she is at Preschool graduation today:

She’s officially a Big Kindergartner now. Apparently, you have to put on a very straight face for that job. I promise you she was a lot happier about the occasion than this picture would have you believe.

But also, as I’ve been laying out my game plan for achieving this goal, I’ve been thinking back on the races I’ve completed over the last 11 years.

And pondering why I didn’t think of this idea 11 years ago.

I’m no math major, but something tells me those extra years would have worked in my favor when deciding to run 50 marathons by age 50.

As I look ahead, I thought it would be a good idea to re-cap how I got here. Starting with


November 25, 2001
Seattle, Washington

I’ll update this post if I find any photos of myself actually running the race, but here’s approximately what Seattle looked like on that day:

She’s a pretty one, even with a few gray highlights.

It was the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Since it was my first marathon, I came up with the BRILLIANT plan to host the holiday dinner* at our house so I could relax without doing a lot of traveling around so close to the big race day.

Oh, silly, silly girl.

*Disclaimer: if you’ve ever hosted a large group for Thanksgiving, you’ll recognize the error of my ways.

It wasn’t the company that was the problem. Our family and friends who joined us were lovely.*

*Disclaimer: really close to 100% of the time.

It was the preparation and the cooking and the coordination. And it might also have been the 3rd degree steam burn I managed to get up half my arm when I decided it would be SUPER efficient to lift the lid off the turkey QUICKLY.

If I find those race photos, you can pretend it’s a Where’s Waldo game and try to spot the big white bandage that appears in every. single. picture.

In summary, I survived. The race and the turkey. I went on to complete 6 more (marathons that is. Well, I’ve also survived completed more Thanksgiving dinners, too, but that’s a whole different story).

7 down. 43 to go. It’s a long – but exciting – to-do list.

White or dark meat at Thanksgiving? I go straight for the drumstick. I’d love to hear from you!

16 thoughts on “taking a run down marathon lane – #1.

  1. I think the pic of O is super cute even without her beautiful smile!
    Without a doubt the turkey thigh…yum…and you and I do fancy the neck – before dinner.
    XOXO Mom

  2. WOW does Olivia look like her Daddy!!!! Never fails to amaze me when I see a child be the spitting image of ONE parent!!! My daughter looks EXACTLY like her daddy and it drives me nuts sometimes!!! I can’t be mad at him ever without feeling like a bad Mommy, like it might transfer to her…lol….UGH!! Enjoy every second cause yes it does go by so fast! And good luck on those 50 by 50! I’m rooting for yah!

  3. I love the hill with the picket fence in the background…I mean, if that is not fabulous. Just a few minutes ago in the mail arrived my 10 month late picture album of my Lulu for her 1st year. I just made it last week and talk about memories. It is hard to believe I will do it all over again. T-Day is always a big deal between me and Michael’s families (two in one day). Since becoming a vegetarian, my favorite is the Colcannon, an Irish delight of cabbage, cheese, and cream!

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  5. My last child has her last year of preschool coming up. I think I will be sad, but also happy to never write a preschool tuition check again! I go right for the breasts. Turkey breasts.

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