of runners and roosters.

Trust me, I’m as surprised as you are that I am talking about chickens AGAIN. After this post, I am officially sanctioning this a Poultry Free Zone.

Well, for SURE I am going to limit this topic to once per week. Definitely no more than twice.

It’s just that there is so much going on in the coop right now! I mean, who knew that moving out to the country could be SO action-packed?

Take today, for instance. John and I were happily working away on our computers, crushing deadlines and taking names. And then, right about noontime, we hear this:


Oh, it is so on.

We ran outside (as did our neighbors – it is breaking news around here, natch), certain we’d find the fella from this post who was clearly – ahem – coming of age.

But guess what?


Oh, what a riot! These birds are a regular laugh track with all of their shenanigans! Yes indeedy, folks! We don’t have just one but TWO roosters a roostin’!

Next stop: Craigslist.

After waiting patiently for a good 30 – 45 minutes AT LEAST for some lucky devil to jump on this Deal of The Century, I put Plan B into play.

I called this place:

The drop-off is scheduled for 2pm tomorrow. Here’s what happened after I told the hub:

Hub: Are you SURE we shouldn’t post them on craigslist first?

Me: I DID post them. No one replied. This is really our only other option.

Hub: Do you feel AT ALL bad that we haven’t even heard the other one cockadoodledo? I mean, what if it’s not a rooster? What if it’s been wrongfully accused and we’ve put it on Death Row for no good reason?

Me: Dude, it’s a rooster. It looks like a rooster. It acts, well, cocky. It’s definitely a rooster.

Hub: So, you’re saying you don’t feel bad then?

Me: No. It’s the cycle of life. Darwin. And stuff.*

*Disclaimer: if anyone from PETA is reading this, I think I have a solid argument here. While it MAY or MAY NOT be true that we are sacrificing innocent chickens/roosters, they ARE going to be preserving the life of protected species like that injured bald eagle up there. So really, I think it’s a wash.

In other news!

I DID MY RUN TODAY! 3 miles! Alright, so I was supposed to do 6 miles. And yeah, it took me 42 minutes. And also? I thought I was going to die.

But here’s the deal: it is OK to give yourself a break. It is OK to acknowledge that you were sick in bed all day yesterday. It is OK to say that today THIS IS ENOUGH. And tomorrow, I WILL TRY AGAIN.

I’ll tell you what’s not OK, though. It is not OK for me to ever EVER let myself get this out of shape again. I will do this training. I know I CAN do this. I will push forward.

But also, at times it will be hard as hell.

If there is one message I can teach my young daughter when it comes to her health it would be to HONOR HER BODY. To use it and live it WELL. To put good things IN. To move. Breathe. Stretch. Be kind to it.

I want her to not just hear but truly UNDERSTAND when I tell her that this is the only sacred body she will ever get. I will work on teaching her this for all my days because

THIS IS IT, my friends.

(artwork above is from this artist and was borrowed from this lovely person’s blog)

In summary, I didn’t cross everything off my list today. And I’m feeling OK with it.

What’s your favorite color? I’d love to hear from you!

8 thoughts on “of runners and roosters.

  1. So it’s probably not so good that I gave the girls left over pizza for lunch and McDonald’s for dinner. No. I didn’t think so. But it was one of *those* days. I’ll get back on track tomorrow. I the day after. Definitely by Thursday. There were carrot sticks and apple slices involved in both meals. I know. I’ll hang my head in shame now.

  2. I don’t want to muddy your plan to take the roosters to the wildlife shelter or anything (I think it is a good plan), but just an fyi that the bald eagles and no longer endangered, came off the list in 2007 😉

  3. Wow Melisa!
    Lots of action at your house!
    Everyone is getting chickens! Just got an email from my yoga teacher and they just got chickens! Love it!
    Way to go on the running!
    LOve the blog!
    Happy Day!

  4. Ummm, about that Wildlife Shelter – do you soppose that just maybe when the ad said “Make a donation” they may have expected some cash? Not your live he/she birds…
    Just saying! Love you mean it. xoxo Mom

    • Though I did hang my head in shame upon arrival, they seemed to think this sort of “donation” was totally normal, and even gave me a tax receipt! Hey, every 50 bucks counts. I have no shame.

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