singin’ in the rain

They say that all good things must eventually come to an end. And what a great end it was – despite a few raindrops.

We met back up with John’s mom in Amsterdam for a “forced” overnight before heading back to Seattle in the morning. I say “forced” because while the airline called it “necessary”, you hardly had to twist our arm or ask us twice.

It was the perfect setting to transition us back to (almost) reality!

But poor Olivia, she sure did have a rough time with our stay at this place in the heart of the city.*

*Disclaimer: this could not have been further from the truth. We all fell in love with this amazing hotel, and Olivia was no exception. What a wonderful place to rest our weary heads for the night!

And here’s our mini traveler doing her best “Eloise at The Plaza” impression. I’m quite sure she still thinks the red carpet was rolled out just for her.

Much to our surprise (and Olivia’s delight) we learned at check-in that there was a pool in the hotel! I bet you know where we were headed before our luggage even hit the ground.

Olivia’s sweet Oma offered to dine with our mini traveler in the hotel so that John and I could enjoy dinner out. What fun!

We set out in search of tulip bulbs ….

…. and reward money ….

…at the local Tex-Mex restaurant. You know, in Holland. Naturally.

Along the way, we found…

… the perfect caipirinha. You know, the Brazilian drink. In Holland!

And just for good measure, we had to have one last pastry in Europe.

Why yes, that is a donut.


What is your favorite sweet treat? I’d love to hear from you!

P.S. Current to-do list: wake up in time to make it to the airport.

4 thoughts on “singin’ in the rain

  1. Ummm, how can one pick a favorite sweet – but let’s say I can’t avoid the bakeries in Victoria and anything with hazelnuts is great! Note to self: Go to said places when I’m in Victoria for your marathon in October…may just be a good incentive to lose a few before then so I can put them all back on in one day!
    Surprisingly, the bakery at the ElDorado in Reno had some really good treats!

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