slow down, you move too fast. you got to make the morning (noon, and night) last.

I can’t speak for other Americans, but for me, my daily life at home looks something like this:

Wake up. Start working. Eat if I have to. Get Olivia dressed. Get back to work. Cross something off my list. Add 10 things to it. Take Olivia to swimming/T-ball/etc. Eat dinner. Take a (brief) breath. Put kid to bed. Back to work. Go to bed. Dream about lists. Wake up. Start again.

I mentioned in this post how grateful I am to have the opportunity to experience how other people in other parts of the world do things. We are in Germany right now visiting family and we will be heading to Italy tomorrow. We took a daytrip to The Netherlands today because – why not? There was time, nothing was rushed, no one was crossing anything off to-do lists.

From what we’ve observed in this part of the world, people take the time to enjoy their day. They slow down and savor meals. They sip their coffee sitting down. They visit with each other. They talk. And they also rest quietly and are present in the moment. It’s a beautiful thing.

And somehow, the most amazing thing happens: they still manage to get everything done.

Something tells me I have a lot to learn.

Right after lunch (al fresco no less) we spotted these go-carts. We had a ferry to catch back from this quaint little town, but of course there was time to wait while Olivia enjoyed a ride. Only 1 euro per turn? Here are 2 euros – let her go twice.

Ahh, the joy of making the moment last.

There is always time for another ride.

Another laugh.

Another “prost!” by your little lady holding a huge (root)beer mug.

And maybe for a few adults with beers, too.

I’d also like to slow down this Memorial Day, thousands of miles from home but still with my thoughts towards the brave men and women who have – and continue – to serve our country well.

What’s something you stopped and remembered today? I’d love to hear from you!

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