bumpy skies and river boat rides

It’s not the turbulence on an airplane that bothers me. Truth be told, I kind of like the bumps and shaking. The way my stomach flips up and down with every rise and drop of the big amusement park ride in the sky.

What really bothers me during these mandatory “fasten your seatbelt” moments is the crippling fear that my fellow passengers are going to lose their lunch on or around me. If you read this post, you already know that I am germ-challenged, but this debilitating fear takes my phobias to new heights (accidental pun).

I seem to attract these queasy souls to me like moths to a porch light.

Simply put, I’m a Vomit Magnet.

From city buses in Seattle, snorkel boats in Cancun, airplane trips to Las Vegas and crowded trollies in Zihuatanejo, I have found myself dangerously close to the business end of this unfortunate situation.

Luckily for me (and those of you reading this), despite some rather turbulent moments on our way into Germany, the flight was uneventful and I somehow managed to steer clear of flying debris, so to speak.

In (much more palatable news) we had a great first day in Dusseldorf, enjoying the Old Town and the unseasonably warm weather.

If you’re going to vandalize a wall with graffiti, may as well be an optimistic message. I confess that I couldn’t help but shout WOO HOO! back at this wall, and felt pretty fine doing it.

We capped off our day in town with a boat ride along the Rhine, complete with the photos. We didn’t stand out as tourists AT ALL. We totally blended in, don’t you think?

iPhone apps come in handy when you’re killing time waiting in line.

Cheers to the start of a great trip! Olivia felt so fancy-pants with her wine glass of water.

This one might make the Christmas Card Short List just for Olivia’s expression alone.

Gorgeous skyline from the Rhine. TRIVIA QUESTION: who’s the architect behind these cool buildings? Hint: he also designed a fairly famous, not-the-Space-Needle icon in Seattle.

Bon Voyage! Say cheese!

Guten nacht, freunde!

To-do List, Shmoo-List. I’m on vacation.

8 thoughts on “bumpy skies and river boat rides

  1. I’m happy to see you guys having such a good time – you deserve it. And I can’t wait to try the maple butter – yummy sounding. Keep the pics and news coming! xoxo Mom

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