gratituesday – part 1.

Poor Tuesday. It’s like the middle-child of weekdays. Well not technically the middle, that’s Wednesday. But you get the idea.

Monday has that whole start-of-the-week-manic-Bangles-song thing going for it.

Then you’ve got Wednesday. Hump Day. Suddenly you’re 60% closer to the weekend.

And Thursday. Ah, Thursday. Also known as “Early Friday.”

Speaking of Friday, they don’t call it TGIF by accident.

The weekends? Hello, no explanation necessary.

In honor of the week-day underdog, Tuesdays will be the official day to reflect on things to be grateful for.*

*Disclaimer: the fact that gratitude + tuesday made a fairly awesome word-smoosh was TOTALLY coincidental and had no bearing on my decision whatsoever. None.

Here, I’ll get us started:

I am grateful for these pink polka-dot pajama pants that John gave me for Christmas.

Try to look past the crazy perspective of this photo. Have you ever tried taking a picture of your own legs? It’s not as easy as it looks.

But I’m even MORE grateful for the amazing husband I have who puts toothpaste on my toothbrush every day for me and loves me even when I’m wearing these pink polka-dot pajama pants. Which is seriously a win for both of us since he sees me in them 23 hours a day.

Sorry, babe.

He loves to wear pink, too.

I am grateful for the beautiful way a child’s mind works when we slow down and take the time to pay attention to it. (a daily reminder for me)

Some little blonde girl left these things on my nightstand. The silver sequined crown is so that “I have something pretty to look at while she’s at school.”

The Play-doh is “to make my room smell nice” because she knows how much I love the way Play-doh smells.



I am grateful for the relationship I have with my wonderful mom. And I am seriously grateful that she kicked cancer straight in the ass and can now focus on more important things like her impressive bowling average and her biker babe status.

With a little less boob and a lot more life.

*Disclaimer: my mom would never say “bad-ass.”

I am grateful that we get to take our little lady to this place in a few days:

I work in the travel industry with the most incredible people from every corner of the world. Being in this field has shown me how enriching and fulfilling it can be to expose ourselves and our children to other cultures, ways of thinking, foods, religions. I am so grateful for the chance to look beyond myself. My life. My daily routines and beliefs.

Whoa, that was pretty deep.

I am also grateful for this cheese that was 50% off at the store the other day. It is seriously good. And SUPER stinky.*

*Disclaimer: it was not on a crazy sale because it was about to pass its prime, people. They were having a cheese promotion. I have (a few) standards. Sheesh.

In summary, I am grateful that I still have 23 hours left to pack for our trip. And to wear these pink polka-dot pajamas.

What are you feeling grateful for? I’d love to hear from you!

32 thoughts on “gratituesday – part 1.

  1. I am so entirely grateful that one of my amazing friends can write such an incredible blog every day and that she loves me for ME – warts and all. Really, can you ask for more than that??? This Tuesday might end up being my favorite day of this week!

    • Um, hi. Are you trying to make me cry like a baby?? Nice job. Well done. BFF, if I told you how much I love you we’d never be able to make eye contact it would get so awkward. xo

  2. I am grateful, of course, to have such an amazing daughter but to also know so many of you awesome friends of hers – many that I’ve got to watch grow into beautiful women. Go girls!
    Just for the record: I still have all the boob material that I started out with (well, not started out in life with – but all that I purchased…a few times).

  3. Totally grateful that, despite how far past my bedtime it has become and the fact that it is now Wed) I feel inspired and a better person for having read this from such a wonderfully hilarious friend. Also grateful to see John’s pink cowgirl hat again. 🙂

  4. I am grateful to work with someone who writes amazing stuff like gratituesday to remind me of the things that I am truley grateful for. For instance, my daughter – she holds me accountable and keeps me humble. My husband (also named Jon!) – words cannot describe the love he shows me (although he doesn’t put toothpaste on my tooth brush every morning, he does make me jasmine green tea everynight).

  5. Toothpaste is all set, coffee is finished brewing and your pajamas will be in the wash soon Love. Grateful for you and out little lady beyond any words that can be typed.

  6. Love the word smash! Very clever. I’m grateful for new friends who are talented bloggers and keep me inspired in my own writing. Let’s get drinks soon!!!

  7. I am grateful that after all was said & done, I am able to still have a rockin’ loving relationship with the author of this most inspiring blog (and her Mom!) I am grateful to be able to stay home for this brief snipet of time with my babies before I go back to making the big bucks $…all thanks to my hard working husband.

    • Julie – I am so grateful that you are a part of our lives and were so open to staying in touch! I was also glad to have my time at home with the kids when they were little…glad you are enjoying it. XOXO Pat

    • Oh Julie!! My mom and I feel the same way – we love the heck out of you too!!!! And SO GLAD that little Emma Mae has been able to enjoy so much of her wonderful mama. Love you! Thanks for your support – I am grateful for you!

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